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Greetings, I’m Nauman Siddique, a seasoned computer science graduate with over 15 years of rich experience in the world of technology. My passion for technology has driven my expertise in various facets of computer hardware, making me a go-to resource for insightful reviews and in-depth testing. In my free time, I’m always studying computers, here are some recent programs that I have finished.


Position at Tech4Gamers

At Tech4Gamers, I take on the role of Hardware Reviewer with pride. My responsibilities involve a thorough examination of essential hardware components like motherboards, graphics cards, processors, PC cases, and CPU coolers, among others, focusing on their complexities and functionalities.




Tech Journey

With a solid foundation in Computer Science and an advanced degree in Marketing, my career in the tech industry spans more than fifteen years, including valuable experiences at eXputer, EnosTech, and Appuals. Throughout this time, I’ve refined my expertise by building PCs, delving into the intricacies of technology, and conducting thorough hardware evaluations.

Current PC setup

Thermaltake UX200 Review

The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB Lighting Air Cooler is a budget-friendly cooling solution with a sleek design, ideal for users seeking both aesthetics and affordability. With its stylish black heatsink, U-shaped heat pipes, and 120mm fan featuring 15 high-lumen ARGB LEDs, it delivers a killer lighting effect without breaking the bank.

4 BEST CPU Coolers For i9-12900K [We Tested All]

From a large pool of tested coolers, we've picked the 4 Best CPU Coolers to go with your powerful i9-12900K.

Best CPU Coolers For Core i5-12600K [All Tested In 2024]

After spending weeks on hands-on testing, we have narrowed it down to 6 best CPU coolers for Core i5-12600K.

CORSAIR MP600 Elite 2TB NVMe SSD Review

The CORSAIR MP600 Elite NVMe SSD series excels in offering high-speed, efficient storage solutions with capacities of 1TB and 2TB. Utilizing the latest Phison E27T controller and 3D TLC NAND Flash, these Gen4 drives deliver impressive performance up to 7000MB/s read, and 6500MB/s write speeds without a DRAM chip, leveraging dynamic SLC caching instead.

Anacomda ET RGB 32GB DDR5-7200 CL34 Kit Review

The Anacomda ET RGB 32GB DDR5 memory kit stands out in the realm of high-speed RAM, offering an impressive speed of 7200MHz, eye-catching RGB lighting, and seamless compatibility with both Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO profiles, all for a competitive price of USD 169.99.

BEST Graphics Cards For 1440p [Top Rated 2024]

Looking for a Graphics Card that is capable of 1440p gaming? Here are my recommendations for the Best 1440p Graphics Cards.

Colorful GeForce GTX 1050 Review

The Colorful GeForce GTX 1050 presents a compelling option with its bold design, effective cooling, and impressive gaming performance in Full HD resolution. Featuring Nvidia's 14nm GP107 chip, the card boasts 640 CUDA Cores, 2GB Micron GDDR5 VRAM, and a well-engineered cooling solution. With a robust build, advanced PCB technology, and efficient power delivery, the Colorful GTX 1050 proves to be a reliable choice for budget-conscious gamers.

BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A Review [Expert Tested]

The BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A is a lightweight and reliable wired mouse designed for right-handed gamers, featuring a PixArt 3310 sensor with a DPI range of 400 to 3200. Its ergonomic design accommodates various grips, providing comfort for extended gaming. While lacking RGB lighting and dedicated software for customization, it offers simplicity and solid performance.

Endgame Gear XM1 Mouse Review

The ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White enters the gaming peripherals scene with a noteworthy improvement over its initial release. Tailored for esports enthusiasts, it boasts an ergonomic design accommodating various grip styles. Featuring analog technology, it delivers a rapid <1ms response time powered by the PixArt PMW3389 sensor with a CPI range of 500 to 16000.

ADATA HD710 Pro Review [Fully Tested]

The ADATA HD710 Pro impresses as a robust 2.5” external HDD, boasting capacities of up to 5TB with standout features like IP68 dust and waterproofing, military-grade shockproofing, and a triple-layered protective design. It emerges as a go-to solution for users engaged in activities like travel, content creation, and outdoor adventures, where durability is paramount.

Thermaltake UX100 Review: Verdict, Benchmarks, Unboxing

The Thermaltake UX100 is a visually appealing low-profile CPU cooler designed for small form factor PCs, featuring a distinctive fin-bunch design and eye-catching ARGB lighting. Despite its limitations in overclocking support, the UX100 caters to users who prioritize aesthetics and mid-range cooling performance in compact builds.

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi Review [Fully Tested]

The Gigabyte X570 AORUS Pro WiFi Gaming motherboard impresses with a robust feature set, offering extensive connectivity, top-tier audio components, and effective thermal management. It caters well to overclocking enthusiasts and those seeking a blend of performance and flexibility. Despite occasional concerns with header reliability and WiFi connectivity, its performance, utilities like SmartFan 5 and EasyTune, and seamless RGB compatibility contribute to a commendable user experience.

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Colorful is set to launch the CVN Z790D5 ARK FROZEN motherboard, offering compatibility with three generations of Intel processors.

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AMD has now delayed the launch of its Ryzen 9000 series to August after some issues arose during the production.

Capcom To Hire More Female Managers Amid Diversity Focus

Capcom has revealed that it promised the shareholders to hire more female managers, and it will do so to meet the internal quota.

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According to the game director, Phantom Blade Zero will be like older FromSoftware games and have a seamless non-linear map.

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Assassin's Creed Shadows has yet to be released, but it has already become this year's most controversial game.