Xbox Working on Multiple Hardware Projects For Future

Plans Could Also Include A Handheld!

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  • Xbox’s future seems to be bright as it is working on multiple hardware projects.
  • More developments are on the horizon for Xbox.
  • Rumors include a potential Xbox handheld and a digital revision of the Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer’s comment about Microsoft potentially leaving the gaming business if certain goals aren’t met by 2027 has sparked concerns among fans regarding the future of Xbox.

Rumors of more third-party releases have also been concerning, but these may have blown out of proportion. The future of Xbox and its hardware seems to be quite bright, with multiple new hardware projects in the works, according to a report.

Why it matters: Xbox’s hardware underperformed last quarter. It is also expected to see worse revenue next quarter, leading to concerns from the fandom.

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Reliable leaker Jez Corden recently stated:

“Xbox has green-lit multiple new hardware projects in the last couple of weeks.”

Clearing doubts after recent discussions, Jez Corden mentioned that Xbox hardware is here to stay, and more developments are being worked on. He also stated that exclusives are not going anywhere.

Corden did not provide specific details about the type of hardware projects Microsoft is currently working on. However, speculations suggest an Xbox handheld might be in development.

Introducing an Xbox handheld would further aid Microsoft’s goal of growing the business as an ecosystem. While Xbox games are already accessible nearly everywhere, adding a dedicated handheld would make this proposition even better.

Microsoft recently filed a patent for joy-con-like controllers. Phil Spencer also added to the discussion surrounding a new Xbox handheld after he liked an article suggesting Xbox should explore this market.

Moreover, Microsoft is expected to focus on exclusives to attract as many consumers as possible, as it seems quite determined not to lag behind the major competitors.

Asus Rog Ally

As for the rival hardware, Sony is developing the PS5 Pro, and Nintendo is said to be working on the Nintendo Switch 2. Additionally, there are rumors about Sony developing a new handheld console, possibly the PS Vita 2, featuring AMD hardware.

The handheld market is bigger than ever today, and many giants have jumped into the segment, including Asus and Steam. Sony also reentered the market partially with the PlayStation Portal.

Therefore, if a handheld is on the way from Xbox, we can’t wait to see what Microsoft is working on.

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