Starfield Set To Receive FSR 3 Frame Generation This Month

Big Boost To Performance Coming Soon!

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  • Starfield is being updated through various changes from Bethesda Game Studios.
  • The studio has announced FSR 3 for the game.
  • This update will be available in Steam Beta next week.

Starfield has welcomed over 12 million players across various platforms so far, but its journey is far from over. This month, Bethesda Game Studios is bringing FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 3, AMD’s most recent super sampling technology, to Starfield.

Support for AMD FSR 3 upscaling technology will be added next week to Starfield through the Steam Beta and will be made available to all PC players.

Why it matters: This addition should help Bethesda Game Studios address the performance woes of its latest RPG. Mid-range hardware, in particular, will benefit a lot from AMD’s Frame Generation.


AMD’s third iteration of the supersampling technology, FSR 3, adds Frame Generation capabilities to compatible games and is AMD’s take on Nvidia’s DLSS 3.

As opposed to DLSS, which is limited to RTX graphics cards, AMD’s supersampling technology is compatible with graphics cards from AMD, Nvidia, and Intel.

Following AMD’s December 2023 release of the FSR 3 source code, modders got to work on it right away, producing some promising results for Starfield. However, from a performance, stability, and ease of use standpoint, this official implementation should be a significant improvement over that.

Like all Starfield updates, FSR 3 is launching in Beta initially. Once enough testing has been done, the update will be publicly available for everyone by the end of February 2024.

Meanwhile, DLSS is also a part of Starfield, so FSR 3 support is a welcome introduction.

Releasing various updates since launch, Bethesda Game Studios has improved Starfield quite a bit already. However, the studio hopes to continue this support into the coming months as it prepares for the first expansion.

Shattered Space is set to arrive at some point in 2024. However, with no announced release date, the developer is focused on bringing as many improvements as possible to the game before then.

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