Suicide Squad Launches To Very Positive Steam Reviews

Finally Some Positivity For Suicide Squad!

Story Highlights
  • Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is Rocksteady’s worst-rated game.
  • However, the game has received very positive reviews on Steam, with users somewhat satisfied.
  • Steam users acknowledged its flaws but claimed that there is a lot of fun to be had.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was a highly anticipated release from Rocksteady Studios. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be the developer’s worst-rated title, marking a significant disappointment.

Interestingly, despite the overall disappointment and negative reviews from the critics, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has managed to find some appreciation on Steam.

Why it matters: Rocksteady Studios, known for its successful releases, faced a setback with Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Despite a history of well-received games, this latest entry did not meet the expectations set by the developer.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League - Steam Page
Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League – Steam Page

The reviews on Steam currently indicate a “very positive” reception, creating a contradiction with the broader sentiment surrounding the game.

As of now, the game has garnered 1,246 reviews, with an impressive 86% being positive. Many Steam reviews seem to characterize the game as falling somewhere in between neither bad nor good.

Criticisms have been directed at various aspects of the game, with many suggesting that while the gameplay is decent, it does not justify the $70 price tag. Several reviewers recommend waiting for a sale before making a purchase.

The game’s perceived lack of value for its price is attributed to several factors, including repetitive gameplay, an unrewarding loot system, technical issues, and a perceived lack of depth in the storyline.

However, the core gameplay loop seems enjoyable enough for Steam users, encouraging most to leave positive reviews.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League - Steam Review
Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League – Steam Review

DreadPirateB sums it up best on Steam. While the visuals are great, the story is fun, and the gameplay is okay, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League rarely shakes up its formula.

This leads to a game that can only be described as average or mediocre. Such reactions were also observed from early press previews and Alpha players. Still, it is interesting to see such a disconnect between the critic scores and Steam reviews.

While this game is rated lower than releases like Gotham Knights, the early Steam ratings are encouraging. Since Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League falls in the live-service department, a comeback cannot be completely ruled out.

However, it undeniably fails to live up to the high bar set by Batman Arkham Asylum 14 years ago.

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