Suicide Squad Impressions Are So Negative Rocksteady Lifted Alpha NDA

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  • The recent Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League previews were surprisingly negative.
  • Due to the negativity, Rocksteady decided to lift the NDA from the closed Alpha.
  • Players who participated in the Alpha test can now share their thoughts about the game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been in the works for over seven years. The game is expected to feature a map twice the size of Arkham Knight’s Gotham, but this has hardly helped it live up to the legacy of the Arkham series.

Media outlets recently shared their thoughts after limited play sessions, and as expected, they were not happy with what Rocksteady has created. To counter the current negativity around the game, Rocksteady has now lifted the NDA for Alpha players, hoping to spur more positivity for its upcoming release.

Why it matters: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has to fill the shoes of the Arkham series, but so far, the game is failing miserably.

The following is what Rocksteady said after lifting the NDA:

“We’re no longer enforcing a portion of the NDA and allowing players to talk about their experience from the Closed Alpha.”

While the developer claims this announcement was made due to the many requests, we suspect there may be more to this situation.

Since the announcement came immediately after journalists hammered the game for its many weaknesses, this move was likely a direct response to create more positivity for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Like the press impressions, Alpha players have shown mixed responses so far. Unlike the media outlets, they have a much better understanding of the game after spending several more hours to understand and explore the various gameplay systems.

While many Alpha players are not convinced by the game, a few have pointed out strengths that the recent impressions were missing. The game is reportedly very lore-heavy and includes several nods to its Arkham predecessors.

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Alpha players also have a much better grasp of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s builds and customization. Therefore, some have praised its gameplay beyond the surface level.

Still, Rocksteady has been unable to turn the tables after lifting the NDA. General audiences remain skeptical about the live service push, and many are not interested in another game that could potentially end up like Marvel’s Avengers.

Regardless of the outcome, we believe lifting the DNA was a clever move from Rocksteady. The developer spent many years crafting this game, and it must have been soul-crushing to see the wave of negativity one month before release.

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