Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Has Been In Development For 7 Years

Did Rocksteady Waste 7 Years On Live Service?

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  • A Superman game was not in development from the team behind Batman Arkham.
  • The studio is taking a live service approach with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
  • Rocksteady has been dedicated to this title for nearly seven full years.

Rocksteady changed the entire perception of superhero games with Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009. Two years later, the studio elevated the genre again with Batman Arkham City, leading to requests for a Superman game.

The developer is currently working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, hoping to fulfill Warner Bros’ goal of pursuing more live service titles for greater player engagement.

According to a reputed insider, work on the developer’s current game began a few years after Batman Arkham Knight, leading to nearly seven years of development on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Why it matters: While modern games require several years to be made, most studios are able to release two games in 7-8 years. This suggests development for the game was far from smooth.

An alleged leaker recently stated that Rocksteady eventually transitioned to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League after scrapping a Superman game. However, this rumor was debunked by Jason Schreier.

This means that the Suicide Squad title has been Rocksteady’s primary focus for the greater part of the last decade. Jason Schreier estimates that it will have been in development for around seven years by its release.

After years of waiting, the game was expected to arrive earlier this year. However, due to poor reactions, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was delayed to 2024. This may have been for the best since recent footage looks much better.

Although the game may be able to meet its release target this time, many believe Rocksteady is too late to the live service trend. The studio has been stuck with a single game for nearly a decade, leading to doubts about its quality.

Additionally, many have been alarmed by its live service focus.

As for the alleged Superman game, this is a dream for many gamers. While the character’s abilities make an adaptation inherently challenging, the industry believed that Rocksteady would be able to work something out after its work with Batman.

However, the studio has spent so much time on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League that this may never come to fruition. Over the next few years, the developer’s resources will likely be dedicated to future support of the game, possibly keeping the studio away from other superhero IPs.

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