Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Warner Bros Expected Suicide Squad To Become A Billion-Dollar IP

Suicide Squad had high expectations to live up to since Warner Bros. expected a whopping $1 billion from this release.

WB To Reportedly Shut Down Rocksteady After Suicide Squad Failure

After Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's utter failure, Warner Bros. is planning to shut down Rocksteady.

Suicide Squad Support Being Dialed Down Already As Live-Service Plans Fail

Suicide Squad was expected to be supported for four full seasons at least, but it seems Rocksteady is showing signs of fatigue already.

Warner Bros Blames Suicide Squad For $200 Million Loss

During the latest earnings call, Warner Bros pointed to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for quarterly earnings losses.

Suicide Squad Beyond Saving As It Falls To 200 Steam Players

Suicide Squad has dropped to 200 concurrent Steam players over 24 hours, which indicates that the game is beyond saving.

Suicide Squad Price Cut By 50% 2 Months After Launch

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is down to just $35, with the Xbox Spring sale offering a whopping 50% discount.

Suicide Squad Season 1 Adds No New Story Or Mission Type

Suicide Squad Season 1 reportedly uses the same missions and story, adding only Joker-themed environments for a change.

Suicide Squad Launch Sales Down By 33% Compared To Gotham Knights

A new report has revealed that Suicide Squad sales were significantly lower than Gotham Knights in the opening 5 weeks.

Skull And Bones Reportedly Performing Worse Than Suicide Squad

According to stats, Skull and Bones is performing worse than Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League despite being a 'AAAA' title.

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