Suicide Squad Impressions Mostly Negative Ahead of Launch

Rocksteady May Have Dropped The Ball!

Story Highlights
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has received new previews and gameplay today.
  • Most of the previews have been shockingly negative.
  • They criticize the game’s bland gameplay structure, boring mechanics, and stiff traversal.

The Batman Arkham universe is set to return after nearly nine years, with developer Rocksteady adaptating the Suicide Squad into a co-op multiplayer game.

Having spent seven years on the game, the team has come up with an open world twice as large as Arkham Knight’s, creating a massive playground for players to enjoy in co-op. However, early impressions of the game are quite negative.

Why it matters: Rocksteady changed superhero games forever with Batman Arkham Asylum and is often credited for their modern success, making it disappointing to see the developer falling from grace.

Multiple members of the media have been able to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for several hours, returning disappointed and more concerned about the finished product.

In IGN’s preview, the author described a monotonous and basic structure that left him wanting more once the initial charm of the squad’s banter wore off. Missions often boiled down to large shooting galleries, rarely mixing things up.

Objectives like keeping a certain object safe from hordes of enemies and escorting civilians to a point on the map meant that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League did not have much original flavor, unlike its Batman Arkham predecessor.

Other previews noted that the traversal can often feel clunky, build variety ends up feeling superficial, and the general combat leaves much to be desired. All of these negative meant that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received negative reviews from nearly every outlet.

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Despite the overall impressions being far from positive, the previews also highlighted a few positives.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is visually impressive, presenting detailed character models and animations. The charm of these quirky anti-heroes also keeps the narrative moving forward, possibly becoming the game’s saving grace at the end of the day.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has already faced multiple delays for course corrections. However, with the game focusing on live service elements, many of the controversial elements are deeply rooted in the game’s core mechanics.

Therefore, initial impressions left many unsure and negative about the game, though they admitted that a few hours were not enough to fully understand everything Rocksteady was offering with this looter shooter.

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