Prince of Persia 120FPS Mode Shows Massive Lead For Series X Over PS5

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Xbox Series X Is Up To 20% Faster!

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  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has been tested on the Xbox Series X and PS5 in the 120FPS mode.
  • The former can be up to 20% faster than the PS5 when running in the 4K/120FPS mode.
  • Both consoles run at nearly identical settings and resolutions, making this difference quite surprising.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is days away from release, and Ubisoft has provided a demo before the launch to preview the game. Ahead of this demo, official reviews and impressions of the 2.5D sidescroller also went live, highlighting that Ubisoft nailed most aspects of this series revival.

In addition to solid platforming and combat, the game is quite competent on the tech side, offering a 4K120FPS mode for Xbox Series X and PS5. However, analysis from Digital Foundry shows this mode runs much better on the Xbox console.

Why it matters: Typically, games are better optimized for the PS5 since PlayStation is the lead platform for this generation. The Xbox Series X is more capable on paper but wins for this console in direct comparisons don’t show up very often.

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According to the analysis, both versions of the game display a crisp and sharp image, aiming for 4K resolution.

Most of the settings appear to be identical across the platforms, with no real sign of dynamic resolution on either platform. Digital Foundry recommends using this mode for enhanced clarity and responsiveness since the latter is crucial in this type of game.

On the performance side, however, the consoles are no longer evenly matched. The Xbox Series X holds 120FPS, much better than the PS5, pulling ahead by 10-15FPS in many instances.

In extreme cases, like cutscenes, this difference can end up as massive as 20FPS, essentially giving the Xbox Series X a lead of around 20%. However, the experience is still great on both platforms.

Utilizing VRR, the frame rate drops are ironed out, and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown can be enjoyed without any major hitches.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Not too long ago, Alan Wake 2 showed similar results on the Xbox Series X, and this could become a common trend moving forward.

As developers become accustomed to the current-generation consoles, more and more games could portray the hardware divide between the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Still, the upcoming PS5 Pro will add another interesting element to the competition this year since it will be more capable than the Xbox Series X if the current rumors are anything to go by.

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