PS5 Pro Reportedly Features Sony’s Take On DLSS; Releasing Sep 2024

Sony's Own Machine Learning For Upscaling!

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  • The PS5 Pro has been rumored for many months at this point.
  • Jeff Grubb, a reliable leaker, has claimed that it will be released in September 2024.
  • He also states that the console will feature Sony’s version of DLSS.

Sony’s PS5 has been dominating consoles ever since it was back in stock. The console has been selling unfathomably well, with a report estimating around 40K consoles being sold every day.

A mid-gen refresh, the PS5 Pro is also in development. Following a recent specifications leak, reliable leaker Jeff Grubb has added his own information to the rumor mill surrounding this upgraded console.

He claims that a major feature of the mid-gen refresh will be Sony’s proprietary machine learning upscaling, comparable to Nvidia’s DLSS. The leaker further states that the console will be released in September 2024.

Why it matters: The use of machine learning might give the PS5 Pro an edge over the Xbox Series S|X in 2024 and beyond.

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Regarding the release of PS5, Jeff Grubb said: 

“The system probably is coming out in September 2024.”

This release window is similar to the information provided by Tom Henderson, another extremely reliable leaker. Therefore, September 2024 appears to be a safe bet for Sony’s upcoming Pro console.

Regarding the specs, he claimed they are not set in stone yet, but the recent leak is quite accurate. According to his report, PlayStation’s machine learning will be the headlining feature next year.

He said:

“The big feature that this system will support is Sony’s own proprietary DLSS-like solution.”

DLSS is currently the most reliable upscaling technology for PC gamers.

While AMD offers FSR on consoles already, DLSS uses AI for upscaling, resulting in superior image quality. Jeff Grubb suggests that the PS5 Pro might boast better upscaling than FSR through Sony’s implementation.

PlayStation PS5 Pro

The leaker explains that Sony aims to produce high-resolution and frame-rate games through machine learning, possibly hinting at a frame generation-like implementation.

With the earlier leak claiming a 2x boost to ray tracing performance, this machine-learning upscaling might be crucial to the success of Sony’s next console. Still, not much has been confirmed officially yet.

Judging by the rumors, the PS5 Pro could be a notable step up over the current model. Interestingly, Microsoft may be planning to counter this release with a full next-gen console since Jeff Grubb suggested a new Xbox console could arrive as early as 2026.

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