Xbox’s Strategy of Downsizing To Succeed Is Contradictory

Xbox seems to have pulled a complete 180 by shutting down developers after acquiring studios to expand its first-party teams.

Fallout 76 Now Boasts 20 Million Players Thanks To Amazon TV Show

Fallout 76 has reached a whopping 20 million players after the recent resurgence due to Amazon's TV show adaptation.

Tango Gameworks Already Had 2 Games In Development Before Closure

A LinkedIn profile of a developer who worked at Tango Gameworks suggests that the studio was working on 2 unannounced titles.

Avowed Is Now Being Developed On Unreal Engine 5.3

Obsidian Entertainment seems to be utilizing Unreal Engine 5.3 for the latest build of its upcoming RPG, Avowed.

Xbox To Provide New Update On Multiplatform Strategy In June

According to an industry insider, Microsoft will give an update on their multiplatform strategy around the Xbox Games Showcase.

No, Microsoft Buying Valve For $16 Billion Isn’t Happening

Recent rumors have sparked discussions about Microsoft potentially buying Valve, but this is highly unlikely.

Bethesda Kills Its Own Hype By Waiting Too Long Between New Games

Bethesda's slow development cycles are counter-productive and work against its two biggest gaming franchises.

Hi-Fi Rush Bombarded With Positive Reviews After Studio Closure

Hi-Fi Rush has received a plethora of positive reviews on Steam as fans continue to protest Xbox's recent closure of Tango Gameworks.

Xbox Has Turned Into Microsoft Gaming, Says Former Xbox Executive

Former long-time Xbox employees have revealed that the company has now become Microsoft Gaming after an identity crisis.

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