Dev Claims Studios Prioritize PlayStation As Lead Platform Since It Sells Most

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Most Games Are Sold On PlayStation!

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  • A former Rockstar developer has released a video explaining why PC ports take much longer to release than console versions.
  • He stated that the developers prioritize what sells the most, and PlayStation has been the biggest platform in the past.
  • Delaying the PC version can lead to additional benefits, like visual enhancements and extra features.

There is little doubt that GTA 6 is currently the most anticipated title in the industry. Earlier this month, Rockstar finally showed the game’s first trailer, confirming a 2025 release window for this revolutionary open-world release.

However, Rockstar has also confirmed that the game won’t be released on the PC platform at launch, upsetting millions of PC gamers. Recently, a former Rockstar developer has addressed this topic.

He confirmed that PlayStation is the leading platform for Grand Theft Auto and AAA studios in general since most of the sales come from this console. Therefore, Rockstar prioritizes the development of console versions before the PC port.

Why it matters: The PS5 has sold over 46.6 million units to become the leading platform for developers, outpacing the competition from Xbox.

YouTube video

This information comes from Mike York, who has worked with Rockstar Games on titles like GTA 5. Mike confirmed that developers want to prioritize what sells, and most of the time, PlayStation has been the biggest seller. He elaborated:

“PlayStation was the console to have, it sold more than any other console. Everybody is playing on PlayStation.”

The strength of this platform has encouraged studios to always put PlayStation development first and invest their energy into making a competent port.

Recalling his experience, Mike explained that when Rockstar was working on GTA 5, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were created simultaneously, but the PS3 received more focus due to its hardware capabilities.

He believes Rockstar Games will start working on the PC port when the console versions are nearly ready and close to release, marking the right time to shift attention to the PC version.


Unlike the consoles, PC platforms can come with vastly different architectures, making optimization time-consuming. However, this process can also allow developers like Rockstar to add visual features that were missing from the console versions.

This can result in the PC platform offering the best experience at the end of the day, even if it comes a year or two after the base launch. In the past, the former Rockstar developer also claimed GTA 6 would look just like the trailers.

Despite the explanation, others believe the strategy to delay PC ports is a tactical move from Rockstar. While millions buy these games on PlayStation & Xbox, the studio is able to encourage gamers to double dip for a second purchase through this strategy.

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle, with both factors playing a role in this approach.

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