Wolverine Screenshots Leaked After Insomniac Hit With Ransomware Attack

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Camera POV Looks Similar To God of War!

Story Highlights
  • Insomniac has been hit with a ransomware attack from Rhysida.
  • The group has leaked confidential information from the studio, including two new screenshots from Wolverine.
  • These screenshots highlight impressive visuals, the character’s classic costume, and a camera POV like modern God of War entries.

Having wrapped up Spider-Man 2 recently, Insomniac is moving full speed ahead with Wolverine. With key developers like animators shifting to this game, the studio is expected to release its next Marvel adventure in 2025.

However, recent reports are concerning for the studio and its next game. Insomniac has seemingly been hit with a ransomware attack. In addition to exposing personal information of developers, the attackers have leaked screenshots of Wolverine.

Why it matters: Hacks have resulted in numerous gaming leaks in the past. The biggest recent example was GTA 6, with a massive leak revealing an entire development build three years before release.

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Over on Resetera, users have shared a screenshot from Rhysida, a ransomware operator. Unfortunately, this data appears to contain information like passports and other personal documents.

The ransomware operator has also shared two new images of Wolverine as proof. While they don’t reveal much, the screenshots highlight that Insomniac has used a similar camera perspective as the last two God of War games.

With the camera positioned up close to Wolverine, players can expect to see a more focused approach to combat instead of the more hectic battle system from Spider-Man 2. Comparisons were also made with God of War in previous leaks, hinting at a mature rating.

One screenshot highlights the character’s classic costume, while the other shows Logan’s outfit from the first reveal trailer. The game appears to be quite impressive in terms of visuals since it is being built for the PS5.

While Rhysida has just shared two screenshots for now, the group claims to have gained access to much more information from the studio. In a message on its website, Rhysida has given the developer seven days before publishing all of the data.

Marvel Wolverine

We hope the ransomware attack does not turn into a serious problem for Insomniac.

2023 has already been a rough year for the gaming industry. With developers in fear for their jobs due to the looming threat of layoffs, such a security breach will only add more stress to the lives of the talented folk of this industry.

Insomniac’s upcoming project will be the first Wolverine game in many years. While the character has received great games in the past, like 2009’s release from Raven Software, he has yet to receive a definitive adaptation.

This will likely change in the coming years, with Insomniac expected to bring the same magic from its Spider-Man games to this franchise.

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