Marvel’s Wolverine Launch Set For 2025, Claims Leaker

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Insomniac Taking Its Time With This One!

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  • Marvel’s Wolverine was announced alongside Spider-Man 2 in 2021.
  • The game will exude dark tones befitting of Wolverine’s character.
  • A leaker suggests that the game will not be released before 2025.

Insomniac has become one of the most successful studios for PlayStation in recent years. Though Spider-Man 2 was released last month, work on Marvel’s Wolverine is already picking up the pace through more resources shifting toward this project.

The studio is expected to unveil more about the game next year. However, a leaker suggests that it will arrive at some point in 2025.

Why it matters: Because the Spider-Man games have been so well-received, millions are anticipating the studio’s take on Logan and his brutal abilities.

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This leak comes from Daniel Richtman, who has been one of the most reliable leakers in the film industry, boasting an accurate track record for Marvel projects. The leaker has shared details about Marvel’s Wolverine on his Patreon.

While an Art Station profile recently suggested that the game could arrive next year, Daniel claims that this is not the case. Additionally, he claims Marvel’s Wolverine will be set in Madripoor, a fictional city in the Marvel universe.

As expected, Insomniac will introduce much darker tones to this franchise compared to previous games like Spider-Man 2. This was also noted by Jeff Grubb during a past report.

Marvel Wolverine

While fans are still hopeful for a 2024 release, we believe it’s best to let Insomniac take its time.

Following the somewhat buggy state of Spider-Man 2, Marvel’s Wolverine would benefit from additional development time, allowing the studio to produce its most polished title this generation.

It is also possible that Insomniac has already planned DLC for Spider-Man 2 or the recently discussed Venom spin-off for next year. Therefore, this could keep fans engaged till 2025.

For now, the studio is setting new records with Spider-Man 2. As the biggest PlayStation release, it has become one of the most successful titles of the year, earning a nomination for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2023.

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