Venom Spin-off Could Happen With Demand, Hints Insomniac

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"We’re Gonna Listen To The Fans!"

Insomniac has become a fan-favorite developer in recent years. Having earned a positive reception for Spider-Man 2, the studio appears to be gearing up for the biggest PS5 first-party release, but fans are already curious about the developer’s plans moving forward.

While the next game, Marvel’s Wolverine, has already been announced, the studio has teased the possibility of a separate Venom spin-off.

Why it matters: Venom is Spider-Man’s most iconic foe and serves as a polar opposite to the superhero. However, his destructive abilities and powers would also make him a fun character to play in a game.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Speaking to Insider, the Senior Narrative Director of Spider-Man 2 asserted that Insomniac hoped to deliver one of the best Venom stories for fans. He was then asked about a potential Venom spin-off, and he replied:

We’re gonna listen to the fans, and we’re gonna ask ourselves, Okay, what do the fans really want?

The studio is currently monitoring fan reception to Spider-Man 2. Following years of effort, Insomniac is focused on ensuring fans are satisfied with the studio’s latest release.

However, the developer’s reply certainly sounds promising, possibly leading to a Venom game in the future with enough demand. In the past, the studio created a smaller and compact game for Miles Morales.

Therefore, a similar release could allow players to take on the role of Spider-Man’s biggest foe. While the symbiote suit for Peter already gives players a small taste of Venom’s powers, the character is far more destructive at his best.

This would allow the studio to provide a unique experience, utilizing Venom’s strength, tendrils, and sadistic nature for a chaotic adventure. Fans have also asked the developer to integrate Spider-Gwen into this universe.

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Nonetheless, we would love to see the studio offering a new flavor of Spider-Man with Venom. In the past, games like The Amazing Spider-Man have offered side missions, making characters like Rhino playable.

Therefore, a similar move would elevate Insomniac’s take on the Spider-Man universe to even further heights.

Spider-Man 2 is now available worldwide. The game strives to deliver an ultimate superhero adventure, bringing two superheroes together in a bigger and more threatening New York for a memorable journey.

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