Spider-Man 2 Review Roundup – Insomniac’s Best Game To Date

Insomniac's Highest Rated Game With 91/100 Metascore!

Spider-Man 2 is the biggest PS5 exclusive of 2023. Following up on two successful games, this release promises a massive, densely packed open world, two fleshed-out Spider-Man playstyles, and the most ambitious gaming adventure for the character.

An early review already compared Insomniac Games’ latest release to Batman Arkham City, dubbing it the best superhero game to date. Following the official review embargo, this conclusion may not have oversold the game.

Spider-Man 2 is another excellent PS5 release, averaging a score of 91/100 on Metacritic.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Source: Metacritic

A few of the review scores are listed below.

  • IGN 8/10
  • Gamespot 8/10
  • VGC 5/5
  • ScreenRant 10/10
  • GamesRadar 10/10
  • Twinfinite 10/10

Reviewers found many parts of the game enjoyable. Spider-Man 2 iterates on the excellent gameplay of Insomniac Games’ first two releases, delivering more thrilling traversal mechanics and an expanded combat system.

Thanks to the PS5 hardware, Spider-Man is faster than ever, improving a tried-and-true swinging system. New additions like loop de loops and an assistance slider add more options than before, allowing for more freedom in the moment-to-moment traversal.

As expected, the narrative is another highlight. Venom’s inclusion in the game leads to higher stakes, more emotions, and incredibly satisfying set pieces. Venom is brutal and menacing, with Insomniac Games delivering a very faithful rendition of the character.

The game juggles two stories, beautifully tying the narratives of Peter and Miles together through a 17-hour main story. While Peter and Miles have their own challenges to face, the inclusion of Venom brings both characters together for this exciting story.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Unfortunately, the game has retained much of its repetitive open-world structure from previous iterations. This can lead to a dull open-world experience at times, but the unique charm of controlling Spider-Man is enough to make up for such drawbacks.

We cannot wait to try Spider-Man 2 on 20 October. Such reviews have elevated our excitement to new levels, and we cannot wait to discover all the surprises Insomniac Games has included in the release.

With unanimous praise from critics, there is little doubt that Spider-Man 2 is an excellent addition to the PS5 library. The game excels in nearly every department, delivering a superhero experience rivaling the best Batman games from Rocksteady Studios.

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