Lords of the Fallen Players Report Latest Update Resets Levels

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Some Players Went From Level 120 to 12!

Lords of the Fallen has not had the best time recently. Following a series of negative reviews on Steam at release, CI Games suffered from declining stock value.

The game has also faced issues with new technologies like frame generation, which was removed in a recent patch due to driver issues. Several days later, the studio’s latest patch has led to a new bug for players.

Over on Steam, players are reporting a loss in progress, with the game setting them back by several levels.

Why it matters: This bug could prove to be game-breaking since levels are an important part of Souls-like games, forcing players to stop their playthroughs until a fix is released.

Lords of the Fallen Steam
Source: Steam

Multiple Steam users have pointed out a loss of progress after Hexworks and CI Games pushed out the latest patch for Lords of the Fallen. Following the patch, users have created discussion threads to identify the problem.

While this issue doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, various players have confirmed the same scenario. At its worst, the bug can set players back by nearly 100 levels, as seen in one of the responses to the discussion thread.

The same problem has also been mentioned in recent Steam reviews. Players with several hours in the game have stated that their level was reset after they were having a great time with the Souls-like.

While the exact trigger for this bug remains a mystery, many have come to the conclusion that it may be related to multiplayer co-op. Once a character is killed during a co-op session, several levels are lost upon respawning, with no easy way to gain them back.

Others have also claimed that the latest patch leads to more crashes, resulting in growing frustrations among the existing player base.

Lords of the Fallen Steam Level
Lords of the Fallen Recent Steam Reviews

We hope CI Games and Hexworks quickly take note of these reviews and roll out another patch to address the current issues.

Players have also stated that this bug stops leveling altogether, preventing them from progressing in the game. Therefore, it poses a serious threat to the game, potentially driving thousands of players away from the Souls-like.

By nature, the Souls-like genre encourages players to take their time and explore each part of the game. This also leads to a significant time investment as players strengthen various attributes and traits of their characters.

Lords of the Fallen players likely spent several hours to farm levels and progress through the game. However, the latest update has instantly ruined all of this time investment.

This is a massive blow for those affected by the bug, and players can only wait for further communication from the developers for now.

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