Lords of the Fallen: Frame Generation Removed In Latest Patch

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No DLSS 3 For Now!

The first patch for the Unreal Engine 5 title, Lords of the Fallen, is out on PC. This Souls-like has received criticism for its poor performance, but the latest patch does not address this issue.

Hexworks’ latest update is focused on addressing crashes in the game. However, this update has led to an unexpected change, disabling DLSS 3 Frame Generation for RTX 4000 graphics cards.

The Lords of The Fallen

According to Hexworks, the game is currently suffering from issues that require a more stable driver release. Therefore, DLSS 3 Frame Generation has led to crashing for many users.

Hexworks has temporarily disabled this feature, and the studio is currently looking into solutions with the help of Nvidia. Interestingly, the crashing issue is not too widespread and doesn’t appear to affect everyone.

The developer has also advised players to adjust texture settings, which will help lower VRAM consumption and avoid any unwanted crashes on PC. Many of these issues can be attributed to Unreal Engine 5.

The current-generation technology is still in its early stages and will crash once the game requirements exceed available VRAM. Excess VRAM is generally transferred to the slower system memory (RAM), but it appears Unreal Engine 5 is not currently suited to this task, leading to crashes.

Apart from the crashing issues, Lords of the Fallen, like many recent titles, is facing poor performance on PC, with many of the positive reviews also pointing out that Lords of the Fallen runs poorly on the most capable PC hardware.

A recent rumor claims the game was initially developed on Unreal Engine 4, with the studio shifting to Unreal Engine 5 mid-development. This may explain many of the game’s issues and its lack of optimization.

Nonetheless, we hope the studio is able to quickly sort these problems out and deliver a smooth experience for all platforms.

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