Lords of the Fallen Review Roundup: Decent Souls-Like

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77/100 on Metacritic!

Lords of the Fallen is the latest entry in a genre that is quickly heading towards oversaturation. However, CI Games hopes to release a unique entry in this genre, standing out as another Souls-like worth trying.

While the game will be released tomorrow, the first reviews have begun to appear on the internet. Lords of the Fallen has earned a score of 77/100 on Metacritic, becoming an entry that may not live up to FromSoftware’s legacy but offers a fun take on Souls-likes.

This score covers the PC version of the game, which is subject to change since the game is still receiving reviews.

Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen Metacritic Score

A few of the reviews can be seen below.

  • Techraptor 6/10
  • Eurogamer 2/5
  • IGN 8/10
  • Pushsquare 7/10
  • Fextralife 8.8/10

Reviewers have praised the game’s level design. Like FromSoftware’s best work, Lords of the Fallen offers plenty of rewards for exploration. This excellent design also encourages exploration, frequently opening up new paths.

The game’s main addition to the genre comes in the form of Axiom and Umbral, two worlds that players must navigate simultaneously. This further adds to the impressive level design, making it a joy to explore various parts of the Souls-like.

However, the game doesn’t shine in other areas. While CI Games hoped to stand out in this competitive genre, reviewers have criticized the game for a lack of innovation and reliance on an established formula.

The game’s combat is one of the major disappointments, best displaying this lack of innovation. Additionally, Lords of the Fallen lacks enemy variety, often reusing its mini-bosses as standard enemies.

PC performance is another key area of disappointment. While CI games used Unreal Engine 5 for cutting-edge visuals and provided a performance mode on consoles, the game appears to run poorly on PC, continuing an unfortunate trend as various reviews pointed to frequent stutters and performance dips.

Lords of the Fallen

All of this leads to a serviceable but uninspired Souls-like experience.

We had higher expectations for Lords of the Fallen as it looked stunning in the marketing leading up to its release. Nonetheless, the game appears to have done a fine job of delivering an enjoyable Souls-like experience, and these reviews have certainly not lowered our enthusiasm.

For those looking to try the game, the Souls-like will be available tomorrow, providing a challenging experience that lasts around 30 hours and offers multiple endings.

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