Lords of the Fallen Offers 1080p/60FPS Or 1440p/30FPS Modes

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Even Supports 60FPS on Xbox Series S!

FromSoftware is taking a different approach with Armored Core 6 after the success of Elden Ring. However, anticipated games like Lords of the Fallen are set to ensure that fans of the Souls-like genre are not disappointed.

The game looks stunning in recent footage, highlighting various unique mechanics and combat scenarios. Lords of the Fallen will also include a 60 FPS mode on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

During a recent interview, the developer revealed that the game runs at 1080p/60FPS and 1440p/30FPS on consoles.

Why it matters: The current-generation consoles can handle 60FPS in nearly all titles, but various examples over the last year have led to concerns about games going back to the traditional target of 30FPS.

Lords of the Fallen

Wccftech recently conducted an interview with developers like Executive Producer Saul Galscon. This interview revealed various pieces of new information about the game, including details of the quality and performance modes.

During the interview, the Executive Producer said:

“The performance mode goes at 60 frames per second, and 1080p resolution upscaled.”

“The quality mode is 1440p upscaled, running at 30 FPS.”

He emphasized that the game looks great in both modes, offering impressive visuals even at 60FPS.

While some may think the resolution targets are too low, Lords of the Fallen uses Unreal Engine 5. The engine is highly demanding, and the game is anticipated to be among the best-looking offerings on current-generation consoles.

This has likely led to the requirement of resolution sacrifices to achieve the 60FPS target. The interview reveals that Unreal Engine 5 was unavailable when the game began development.

However, the team quickly shifted focus to the new engine after it launched. Speaking about the Unreal Engine 5 features, Galscon explained that Lumen was a game-changer for the studio.

Recently, it was revealed that Lords of the Fallen offers about 30 hours of gameplay. However, it is unclear whether the side content is included in this duration.

Boasting incredible visuals and a massive upgrade over its predecessor, Lords of the Fallen appears to be a competent entry in the Souls-like genre. The game is releasing in less than two months on October 13.

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