Stray Is Currently The Best-Selling Game On Xbox Consoles

Already A Success On Xbox!

Stray emerged as an outstanding action-adventure game featuring an adorable cat in 2022. The game takes players through an intriguing journey of a cat lost in a dystopian city inhabited by machines and robots.

Upon release, Stray became an immediate hit, resonating with audiences worldwide. It earned a Metacritic score of 83/100 and was nominated for Game of The Year at TGA 2022.

Stray has recently made its way to Xbox consoles and has quickly cemented itself as a worthy addition to the library. At the time of writing, Stray is the best-selling title on Xbox.

Why it matters: The Xbox release was expected to bring the game to a large number of new players, and this appears to have worked for Annapurna Interactive.

Source: Microsoft Store

Stray is currently priced at $24, with Microsoft offering a slight discount over the $30 launch price. In addition to the buzz surrounding the charming cat adventure, this price point has likely encouraged Xbox users to try the game.

Surprisingly, the 2022 indie game has beaten recent hits like Remnant 2. Despite the recent resurgence of the Call of Duty franchise on Xbox, Stray has also managed to stay ahead of games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Previously, Stray sold over 2 million units. Thanks to its availability on PS Plus Extra, the game reached over 4 million players on PlayStation. While it has not joined Xbox Game Pass, Annapurna Interactive will likely see similar success on Xbox.

Stray has been considered a shining example of the indie gaming industry. The game proves that smaller-scale titles can compete with ambitious AAA releases, making use of engaging concepts and art direction to immerse players in memorable adventures.

Its Xbox release marks yet another success for the studio, ensuring that a whole new group of players can experience the wholesome cat game.

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Bawal Zehri
Bawal Zehri
Bawal is an MBBS student by day and a gaming journalist by night. He has been gaming since childhood, growing fond of the creativity and innovation of the industry. His career as a gaming journalist started one year ago, and his journey has allowed him to write reviews, previews, and features for various sites. Bawal has also been cited in reputed websites such as Screenrant, PCGamesN, WCCFTech, GamesRadar, and more.

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