Lords of The Fallen To Offer About 30 Hours of Gameplay

Also Includes Multiple Endings For Replayability!

Lords of the Fallen is among the latest release in the offerings of the souls-like genre. Recent footage of the game has looked stunning, with the title shaping up to be a showcase for Unreal Engine 5 and its capabilities.

In addition to the impressive visuals, it has also been confirmed to include a 60FPS mode for consoles. With the release date quickly approaching, the game has received several previews from different media sites.

The preview reveals new gameplay footage along with details about playtime. According to publisher Hexworks, Lords of the Fallen offers around 30 hours of gameplay.

Why it matters: The Dark Souls franchise is massive, offering around 40-50 hours of content for newcomers. This has led to high expectations from games taking inspiration from the IP.

The Lords of The Fallen

The head of Hexworks, Saul Gascon, confirmed with MP1st that the game would take around 25-30 hours to complete. He said:

“Think about 25 hours. For a new player it’s gonna be around 30 or more.”

While this sounds like plenty of content, the interview did not clarify if the estimated playtime includes side content.

The souls-like genre is famous for including various side activities like boss battles and questlines. This can often lead to several more hours of content, but it remains to be seen if the same will hold for Lords of the Fallen.

Saul Gascon also said:

“Then you have different endings. You have three endings depending on which faction you align with.”

Since the game includes three endings, Gascon’s 30-hour estimate likely refers to a single playthrough. Multiple endings should encourage players to complete the game more than once, adding plenty of replay value.

This replay value is further complemented by different classes, encouraging players to try different builds. Like the Souls games, Lords of the Fallen comes with new game plus.

Saul Gascon further confirmed that the new game plus mode would include plenty of secrets for a different experience than the first playthrough.

Lords of the Fallen is confirmed to be arriving on October 13. The game aims to deliver a massive improvement over its predecessor of a similar name from 2014, and each new piece of information makes it clear that the studio is not looking to disappoint fans again.

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