Sony Reportedly Launching PS5 Cloud Streaming By March 2024

Will Allow Streaming of PS5 Games!

Cloud streaming is one of the impressive technological advancements in the gaming industry, and Sony is planning to bring it to the PS5. Sony recently started rolling out the beta, bringing 4K cloud streaming for PS5 games.

This allows users to stream games without having to download them to the console. Furthermore, Insider Gaming reports Sony is committed to cloud streaming and plans to offer a full release by March 2024.

Why it matters: Cloud streaming is considered the future of the gaming industry. It enables easy access to games, removing hardware limitations like consoles and PCs.

According to Tom Henderson, Project Cronos was initiated five years ago to tackle the challenge of harnessing the power of the PS5’s SSD. Sony’s innovative team aimed to create an infrastructure that could effectively leverage its remarkable speed.

Project Cronos is Sony’s leap forward in the cloud gaming market with a flawlessly designed streaming architecture. This architecture rests on the foundation of a revolutionary network storage solution.

These innovations have led to a custom storage server called Kura. The report also boasts lower than 1 ms latency. This should allow Sony to compete with Microsoft’s current efforts in the cloud gaming market.

Spanning 28 data centers across 15 metropolitan regions, this infrastructure is poised to deliver a seamless gaming experience to players across the globe.

Looking at the details, it is clear that Sony is fully committed to improving the gaming experience for its users. The company has taken a strategic approach to cloud streaming, which is set to offer a range of benefits to PS Plus Premium members.

In the near future, this service will be expanded to include cloud streaming for a variety of supported PS5 games, including those from the PS Plus game catalog, game trials, and digitally owned PS5 titles.

Previously, the CEO of Sony claimed that cloud gaming would be a meaningful part of the industry by 2025. Recent advancements could ensure that the gaming giant is fully prepared for the market by then.

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