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Passionate gamer and content creator with vast knowledge of video games, and I enjoy writing content about them. My creativity and ability to think outside the box allow me to approach gaming uniquely. With my dedication to gaming and content creation, I’m constantly exploring new ways to share my passion with others.

Position at Tech4Gamers

At, I cover the latest news and rumours in the gaming industry, from new game releases to hidden gems and video game leaks. Furthermore, I occasionally write tech articles about video game consoles, providing insights into the hardware and software that powers our gaming experiences.

Tech Journey

My love for video games and technology ignited at an early age, leading me to a career as a tech journalist. I began my journey at Emopulse by creating articles about the latest gaming leaks. My passion and expertise caught the attention of T4G, where I now cover both video game news and broader tech developments. 

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Mic Drop? Why Gamers Still Aren’t Talking in 2024

Online gaming has evolved in uncountable ways, yet gamers are less likely to participate in voice chat today.

GTA 6: We’re Setting Ourselves Up For Disappointment With Wild Expectations

The industry has already set high expectations for GTA 6, though this may become the very reason for their disappointment.

Xbox Is Diablo 4’s Biggest Platform Thanks To Game Pass

Diablo 4 has quickly become a major hit on Game Pass, with Xbox becoming the biggest platform for the massive RPG.

The Witcher 4: Combat Overhaul Should Be Top Priority of CDPR

The Witcher 4 might not be able to do much to top its predecessor, but it can certainly make major strides for the combat system.

Gears 6 To Deliver True Next-Gen Visuals For Consoles, Says Insider

A reliable industry insider has hinted that Gears 6 will be a showcase for The Coalition and Microsoft's latest consoles.

Anthem Could Have Had Cyberpunk-Like Comeback if Bioware Stuck With it

Anthem had the groundwork for an excellent game, but Bioware was unable to capitalize on the project and wasted its potential.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Still Triumphs Over Other Gaming DLCs

Blood and Wine from The Witcher 3 is among the few gaming DLCs that live up to the base game and even go beyond in many ways.

Having To Pay For ‘Online Gaming’ on Consoles In 2024 Feels So Wrong

Being deprived of a basic feature like online gameplay without subscriptions on consoles should not be a thing in 2024.

Stellar Blade Looks Like Best Hack and Slash Game Since DMC 5

From the recent previews, Stellar Blade is shaping up to be a serious contender for the title of best hack-and-slash.

Xbox & Crytek Should Team Up For A Ryse: Son of Rome Sequel

Ryse: Son of Rome offered what some may call a proper next-gen experience on the Xbox One, so it deserves a comeback.

Days Gone Devs Working On ‘AAA Live Service Game’ Based On Unreal Engine 5

The team at Bend Studio, known for the game Days Gone, is reportedly developing a new live-service game based on Unreal Engine 5. The studio is looking for a Lead Project Manager with years of experience in live service operations.

While AAA Gaming Stuck in Safe Zone, AA/Indie Games Are On Creativity Roll

The AAA industry is too focused on profits and sustainability, leaving indie and AA games to innovate and create fresh experiences.

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Mic Drop? Why Gamers Still Aren’t Talking in 2024

Online gaming has evolved in uncountable ways, yet gamers are less likely to participate in voice chat today.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Lost 80% of Its Steam Players Within A Month

It appears that Steam players are moving away from Dragon's Dogma 2 since the game has already lost around 80% of its players.

Sea of Thieves Is So Popular On PS5 That Its Servers Can’t Handle Demand

Sea of Thieves is currently going through a major beta on the PS5, but so many players are trying to get in that servers keep on crashing.

Star Wars Outlaws Won’t Force Players To Climb Towers To Unveil Its Map

Ubisoft is breaking the tradition since players won't have to climb towers in order to unlock the map in Star Wars Outlaws.

Fallout 4 Returns With 35K Steam Players First Time Since 2018

Ahead of the Fallout 4 next-gen update, the game has found new life on Steam, breaking past its all-time high player counts in past years.