PlayStation Believes Cloud Gaming Will Become Meaningful From 2025

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Still 2 Years Away At Least!

Nearly every gaming company is currently investing in cloud gaming. Gaming giants like Microsoft and Sony already provide cloud gaming services, but the adoption of cloud gaming is still far from widespread.

Previously, the Sony CEO addressed the challenges related to cloud gaming, claiming that it is difficult to implement without sacrificing elements like response times. A recent statement from Jim Ryan also predicts that it will not be relevant until 2025.

Why it matters: Cloud technology is predicted to be the gaming industry’s future, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware.PlayStation 5

According to a report, Jim Ryan stated:

“Cloud technology will become a meaningful component of how gamers access games between 2025 and 2035.”

He confirmed that Sony is continuing to invest in the technology. The gaming giant intends to be at the forefront of cloud technology, so PlayStation can continue to be relevant once it becomes mainstream.

Recently, developers like Hideo Kojima have discussed the massive potential behind cloud technology. Hideo Kojima was considered mad for his project, which was only made possible by Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

The future potential of cloud technology also became a major concern for the CMA. Following concerns about Microsoft’s dominance in the cloud segment, the regulator decided to block Microsoft’s latest merger.

PlayStation is currently working on a dedicated handheld based on streaming. Project Q will stream games from the PS5 console, showing PlayStation’s shift toward a future focused on cloud technology.

However, this will take time, and Jim Ryan expects cloud gaming to remain niche over the next year.

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