Cloud Gaming Is Still Very Challenging, Claims Sony CEO

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Not A Threat To Console Gaming For Now!

Sony is doing well with the PS5 as it has sold more than 38 million units, and 70 million more units are expected to be sold in its lifetime. Despite the importance and current appeal of console gaming, many gaming giants like Microsoft are already looking ahead to a future with cloud gaming.

However, the Sony CEO believes there are still many difficulties with cloud gaming, making it a small threat to consoles for now.

Why it matters: Cloud gaming offers advantages like running games on remote servers for easy access, and it is expected to be a major step forward for games.

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In a recent interview, the Sony CEO warned that cloud gaming is still very tricky. According to the CEO, PlayStation would study more options to enhance cloud gaming. He said:

“I think the cloud itself is an amazing business model, but when it comes to games, the technical difficulties are high.”

He also pointed to the industry’s demands for fast response times which is not easy to implement with cloud gaming.

However, PlayStation remains confident and intends to face these challenges. In the past, there have been various attempts to focus on cloud gaming, but companies like Microsoft and Google have faced similar challenges.

Yoshida also mentioned the high traffic levels from gamers during certain parts of the day. On the other hand, gamers are also inactive before these busy hours which leads to a difficult balancing act between maintaining servers to accommodate all users.

Sony was one of the first big companies to enter cloud gaming, but the company also remains heavily invested in home consoles. Still, PlayStation will continue to pursue cloud endeavors so the company is prepared for the future when cloud gaming becomes the next big thing for the industry.

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