SIE CEO Thinks PS5 Can Exceed 108 Million Units Sold

PS5 Can Sell 70 Million More Units!

The PS5 is the most successful current-gen console in the world. Having dealt with the prevalent supply issues, the console is now selling exceptionally well, becoming a worthy release in the PlayStation lineup.

As PS5 adoption continues to rise, Sony previously revealed 30% of PS5 monthly users did not use the PS4. This implied that the console successfully brought new users to the PlayStation ecosystem.

Adding to this, Jim Ryan stated that he is very optimistic that the PS5 can sell over 108 million units.

Why it matters: Jim Ryan’s estimate would already put the PS5 ahead of consoles like the PS3 and PS1. The PS4 also sold over 117 million units, so seeing similar numbers would not be surprising.

PlayStation 5


This information comes from Sony’s Business Segment Meetings. Jim Ryan said that, for now, the main focus of the company is to expand the reach of Sony’s IPs.

It was previously announced that the PS5 had sold 38.4 million units, and Jim Ryan has added that in the console’s lifetime, Sony should be able to ship 70 million more units worldwide.

He said:

“I would anticipate we should be able to exceed a figure of 70 million on top of the 38 million.”

This number is not a wild guess. As Jim Ryan estimates, it is the number of current users on the PS4. Sony is now aiming to convert those PS4 users into PS5 users.

Additionally, Sony is trying to bring in more gamers who never owned the last PlayStation console. As such, the PS5 may go beyond the 108 million target estimate from Jim Ryan. The console has already broken various records, recently shipping 6.3 million units in Q1 2023.

Sony is confident about PS5 because it is already off to a strong start with incredible demand worldwide.

Moreover, highly anticipated PlayStation exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will encourage even more people to move toward the platform. The game is said to be made without any compromises, so it could go on to become a showcase for the console.

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Obaid Ur Rehman
Obaid Ur Rehman
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