Lords of the Fallen Dev Concerned About Oversaturation in Souls-Like Genre

There Are Too Many Souls-Likes?

The souls-like genre gained popularity after FromSoftware released Dark Souls, a game that inspired countless developers due to its challenge, lore, and innovative level design that complemented the gameplay.

Over the last few years, several studios have delivered their take on this formula, with some being more successful than others. Among the latest souls-like titles, Lords of the Fallen is one of the most anticipated releases in 2023.

However, ahead of the game’s release in October, the studio behind Lords of the Fallen has expressed a few concerns about the saturation in the genre in recent years.

Why it matters: The gaming industry is very competitive, and too many games of the same genre can lead to limited interest for some games due to budget and time constraints.

The Lords of The Fallen

Speaking to PCGamesN, developers from CI Games discussed the reboot for the Lords of the Fallen IP.

During the interview, the developers were asked about potential concerns due to the frequent releases in the souls-like genre. Creative director Cezar Virtuso replied:

“Yes, we are worried.”

Art director Alexandre Chaudret also added:

It’s worrying in the sense that we want to succeed from a business standpoint.”

The studio’s concerns are justified since the genre has no shortage of competition in 2023 alone. Games like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have already been released earlier, and titles like Lies of P are also set to be released this month.

Previous years have seen releases like the Nioh franchise, Code Vein, The Surge, and more. Additionally, FromSoftware is also known to release games frequently, with last year’s Elden Ring becoming a massive title.

This has led to concerns that players may begin to get tired of this style of game, but the art director believes a good game can still shine in an overcrowded genre or market.

He further added that players are always ready to try new games that are good. Therefore, CI Games is focused on delivering a refined experience in the souls-like formula, hoping to impress players with Lord of the Fallen.

YouTube video

The developers also elaborated that an anti-Dark Souls game is not the best approach to bringing in new players. Instead, studios should focus on moving the souls-like genre forward with new innovations.

Lords of the Fallen is due for release on October 13, and the game has already gone gold, showing incredible potential as one of the best souls-like entries in 2023.

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