Lords of the Fallen Goes Gold Two Months Before Release

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Development Completed & Ready For Release!

In the genre of action RPG and souls-like games, FromSoftware’s name has reigned supreme for years. However, a new contender is poised to challenge the genre with the upcoming title, Lords of the Fallen.

Following several gameplay showings, Hexworks recently announced that Lords of the Fallen has gone gold. This means the game is fully developed and ready for the official release.

Why it matters: While there may still be work to be done for a launch day patch, hitting this development milestone significantly reduces the likelihood of a delay in the game’s release.

Lords of the Fallen has sparked excitement in the gaming community, and for good reason.

The developer’s announcement of going gold comes nearly two months before the October 13 release. This highlights that the team is confident in its work, potentially hinting at an extremely polished experience.

The souls-like genre is famous for its challenging gameplay, complex level design, and deep lore. While FromSoftware’s titles have set a high standard, Hexworks is ready to offer an experience that could rival the classics.

The game will take players to a dark and mysterious world filled with tough enemies and stunning environments. Like other souls-like games, it will certainly test skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking.

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Distinguishing features like the unique duel world mechanic in Lords of the Fallen set it apart from other offerings of the genre. The game introduces a dynamic where players can traverse two parallel worlds, each with its own challenges.

Additionally, players will find the mysterious Soul Flay power in the game. This special ability lets players engage with the souls of defeated enemies, creating new ways to solve puzzles and manipulate their surroundings.

As players use the Soul Flay power, they reveal hidden secrets and conquer obstacles that block their path. This feature makes every encounter satisfying.

Therefore, souls-like fans should mark their calendars for October 13 because the immersive world of Lords of the Fallen is nearly here. The release date is just around the corner, making it a compelling addition to the genre.

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