Lords Of The Fallen PC Port Skipping Denuvo DRM

"It Will Never Feature Denuvo!"

Lords of the Fallen is the last major Souls-like of 2023, but the game appears to be struggling on PC. Since this has sadly become common for the platform, the game has still managed to gather positive reviews.

However, one positive piece of information about the game’s PC port has been revealed recently. CI Games has confirmed the game will not feature Denuvo DRM.

Why it matters: Denuvo is being used on almost every single game released on PC, which can lead to controversies. While the head of the company thinks Denuvo doesn’t affect performance, many videos have shown otherwise.

User Sandeater1920 recently asked the official Lords of the Fallen Twitter account to confirm if the game would include Denuvo.

This question came about after Gameranx claimed that Denuvo was part of the PC port, but the social media account was quick to deny the report. The account also confirmed there are no plans to add the anti-tamper technology in the future. It said:

“Lords of the Fallen does not and will never feature Denuvo.”

Denuvo has always been a controversial part of PC gaming, and it appears nobody likes it. Many games have been poorly received due to the introduction of this technology, with games like Ghostwire: Tokyo being review-bombed once Denuvo was added.

We also believe that Denuvo is not the solution to piracy. While it protects against piracy, its impact on performance can be quite troublesome. A game like Lords of the Fallen is already suffering from performance issues, so this is a wise move from CI Games.

Denuvo would have made the Unreal Engine 5 game even harder to run, so we believe this announcement is a positive development.

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Games like Assassin’s Creed Mirage have recently employed the use of Denuvo, leading to outrage and concern among PC audiences.

However, Lords of the Fallen will not receive such reactions, although its poor PC port leaves a lot to be desired. The exclusion of Denuvo may lead to the game falling victim to piracy, but CI Games appears to have already prepared for such consequences.

Nonetheless, Lords of the Fallen appears to be a Souls-like worth trying for fanatics of FromSoftware’s work. The game offers an intricate level design, providing a unique spin on the formula established by the Japanese developer.

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