Lords of the Fallen Publisher Stock Plummets By 41% After Recent Release

But Doing Better Than Last Year!

Lords of the Fallen is one of the more disappointing releases of 2023. Despite a good reception from critics, the game failed to leave its mark on the Souls-like genre.

Due to the game’s reliance on Unreal Engine 5, it faced a number of technical issues at release. These issues exacerbated the negativity around this Souls-like, leading to thousands of negative reviews on Steam.

The developer was also forced to temporarily disable DLSS 3 Frame Generation due to a myriad of crashes. In the aftermath of the launch, publisher CI Games’ stock has rapidly lost its value, falling by nearly 50% since the release.

Why it matters: This scenario highlights the risk involved in each new AAA release. A poor reception can lead to immediate consequences, ultimately leading to layoffs or even studio closures in the worst-case scenario.

As noted by MauroNL, CI Games’ stock value is currently down by over 41%. The major drop coincided with the release of Lords of the Fallen, pointing to the poor reception being the main culprit.

However, there is some good news for the publisher. Compared to last year, the stock value is still 23% higher, but it would not be surprising to see the stock dropping further, given the pace at which it has lost its value.

Recently, we have seen Square Enix going through similar issues as the company’s stock has lost its value. Recently, it dropped below 5000 Yen, an all-time low in three years.

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While we think Lords of the Fallen is mostly great, its level design is weak, and the concept of two worlds is not well implemented. This mechanic sets it apart from other entries of the genre, but the game rarely utilizes it to outshine its rival Souls-likes.

On a more positive note, however, CI Games has confirmed the game is not a failure. Its launch has ensured a stable development pipeline for the studio’s future projects. The publisher’s decision to exclude Denuvo from the recent release was also seen as a positive move.

Nonetheless, developer Hexworks is currently working on various updates for the game, hoping to reduce VRAM requirements. The studio has also encouraged users to use automatic settings picked by the game for optimal results.

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