Marvel's Wolverine

PlayStation To Show Off 14 Games At State of Play On 30th May

PlayStation has randomly announced the long-awaited State of Play, which will go live on May 30 with a slew of game reveals.

Insomniac Has No Plans To Share Wolverine Gameplay For Now

Insomniac Games has replied to a fan on Twitter, stating that the team isn't ready to share any news about Marvel's Wolverine.

Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Reveals Internal Trailer From Insomniac

Insomniac Games' massive leak has revealed an internal trailer for Marvel's Wolverine, likely used to pitch the game before development.

Marvel’s Wolverine Features Real-Time Battle Damage & Healing

Marvel's Wolverine is seemingly implementing a real-time battle system to highlight the intensity of each battle for the protagonist.

Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Leads To PlayStation 5 Backport

Marvel's Wolverine will be playable soon on PS5 through a backport resulting from the PC source code leak via the Insomniac attack.

Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Reveals 15 Hours of Playtime

A leaked image suggests Wolverine's story will wrap up within 15 hours, including both main missions and optional side quests,

Wolverine Leak Confirms Default 60FPS Target On PS5

A leaked slide from the Insomniac ransomware attacks suggests that Sony is making 60FPS the default frame rate for Marvel's Wolverine.

Wolverine Playable on PC Before PS5 Due To Leaked Build

Marvel's Wolverine is now available to play on PC after hackers leaked a full development build of the game.

Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Confirms Multiple Playable Characters

Marvel’s Wolverine information has been leaked online, revealing more than one character and investigation sequences.

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