Walking Dead: Destinies Challenges Gollum & Kong For Worst Game of 2023

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Story Highlights
  • The Walking Dead: Destinies is yet another disappointing game release of this year.
  • Developed by the creators of Skull Island: Rise Of Kong, it promised to let players change the first three seasons of the famous show.
  • The game features hilarious cutscenes and terrible gameplay.

GameMill Entertainment has blessed us with another meme-worthy game – The Walking Dead: Destinies. This recently launched title has quickly earned a reputation as a strong contender for the title of the year’s worst game.

Why it matters: The gaming community on the internet is buzzing with dissatisfaction, citing game-breaking bugs, unimpressive cutscenes, and graphics that date back to the early PS3 era.

Unlike the earlier Walking Dead titles, especially the well-regarded TellTale versions, The Walking Dead: Destinies ventures into the multiverse, letting players change key moments like Rick and Shane’s face-off in season 2.

Despite the potential excitement, the execution is disappointing. Instead of drawing players into an engaging story, the game falls short with embarrassingly low quality and a lack of coherence.

The stationary cutscenes have become a major issue, with players posting clips of characters stuck in weird poses during the story. These moments not only mess up the immersive experience but also highlight a big problem in the game’s making.

It’s disappointing to see a game based on a massive IP struggle with such basic problems, leaving players annoyed and let down. The gameplay doesn’t click with players either, and some even wonder if it’s a big joke by the developers.

Adding to the story’s mystery is GameMill Entertainment, the game’s publisher. They gained notoriety with their recent release, Rise of Kong, tagged as one of 2023’s worst games.

This raises questions about how GameMill goes about game development. The Rise of Kong developers said they had just a year to make it, leading to speculation about whether the same pressures impacted The Walking Dead: Destinies.

One of the main reasons for bad final products is game developers being rushed. This issue was recently highlighted by Gabe Newell, who stated that game delays are better than rushed releases.

Making things worse, The Walking Dead: Destinies is being sold at a premium price. Despite the obvious quality issues, the game comes with a steep cost, making players wonder why.

Anyhow, The Walking Dead: Destinies joins the list of disappointing game releases this year. Alongside titles like The Lord of The Rings Gollum, it competes for the not-so-great title of the worst game of 2023.

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