Rise of Kong Gets Memed For Hilarious Visuals At $50 Price

The Real Game of The Year Is Here!

King Kong has finally made his long-awaited debut in the modern gaming industry. Skull Island: Rise of Kong is a new game priced at $50 but does not deliver the definitive King Kong game many had wanted.

In fact, the game has become a meme on social media due to completely outdated gameplay and visuals. Some even called this release a scam for the $50 price.

Why it matters: The industry has had many discussions about the value of games and their prices. However, Rise of Kong ignores everything, delivering a terrible release at the same price as Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

As pointed out by various users, poor visuals are the least of Rise of Kong’s problems. The game lacks proper animations during cutscenes, and its gameplay shows little effort has been put into the $50 release.

Combat lacks any sense of impact, and the game appears to be using ancient assets for its environments. In addition to these elements, an outrageous price tag has led to criticisms from buyers.

However, on a more positive note, this absurd lack of quality control has spawned several hilarious clips and comments on social media. Twitter users have compared the game with Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

With Gollum’s publisher using ChatGPT for a poorly written apology, it appears a lack of effort is a common theme across both releases. Others have mocked the game by claiming it far exceeds anything shown in God of War.

Twitter users have pointed out that Rise of Kong was created by a developer known for low-effort shovelware based on massive IPs. Nonetheless, we find it disappointing and amusing that a studio could not come up with something better for a massive IP like King Kong.

Previously, games like The Last Hope and Life of Black Tiger showed similar examples of low-effort shovelware. These games are usually identifiable through their poor visuals and subpar gameplay.

While the gaming industry continues to push new boundaries and experiment with groundbreaking technologies, such games highlight that a few developers are content with doing the bare minimum and making a quick buck through poor releases.

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