Alan Wake 2 Dev Reiterates No Physical Release Is Planned

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No Other Plans As of Now!

Alan Wake 2 is among the few releases that best highlight the shift toward a digital future. Despite being Remedy Entertainment’s most important project, the game will not receive a physical release.

Following the announcement, many were quick to express their dissatisfaction, hoping the studio would change its mind after the backlash. However, Sam Lake has confirmed there are still no plans for a physical release.

Why it matters: Though digital media has grown significantly in recent years, many believe physical launches shouldn’t be abandoned, as there is still a huge market for disc buyers.

Alan Wake 2


During a recent interview with MP1st, creative director Sam Lake talked about Alan Wake 2. When the digital-only launch was brought up, he said:

“I hear you, but there are no other plans as of now.”

The developer pointed out that this decision was made by Remedy Entertainment and its publisher, Epic Games. Therefore, the studio has no plans to change it anytime soon.

On a more positive note, this method of distribution has allowed the studio to price Alan Wake 2 below $70. While the game will deliver an experience on par with modern AAA releases, it will cost $50 on PC and $60 on consoles.

We believe this is not the best decision by Epic Games since discs are still prevalent among millions of gamers. Recently, the Executive Chairman of GameStop also said that disc drives should be mandatory for consoles.

Alan Wake 2

Given the current demand, the studio may opt for a physical version once the excitement around the launch has settled down.

Since most of the sales come around the initial launch period, the studio may use an eventual physical release to gather interest in Alan Wake 2 after the industry moves on to other new releases.

Nonetheless, Alan Wake 2 will be launched on 27 October, offering around 20 hours of exciting survival horror gameplay after entries like Resident Evil 4 kept the genre popular in 2023.

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