Pete Hines Announces Departure From Bethesda After 24 Years

Retiring After 24 Years Of Hard Work!

Bethesda Softworks’ most recent launch is the ambitious title Starfield. Following a long legacy of RPGs, first-person shooters, and more, this release has continued the publisher’s tradition of popular games.

Leaked plans from the publisher hint at upcoming releases like Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls 4 remasters, in addition to new entries for Doom and Dishonored. With such ambitions, the publisher hopes to deliver more impressive releases.

However, Bethesda Softworks has lost an important asset today. Pete Hines has announced his retirement after having spent 24 years at the studio.

Why it matters: Several studios have recently lost veteran members. Key figures like Jim Ryan, David Vonderhaar, and Hideki Kamiya are examples of recent departures, and it appears Pete Hines is the latest example of a shifting gaming landscape.

Announcing Pete Hines’ exit, Bethesda Softworks thanked the SVP, wishing him good luck. During his time at the publisher, he overlooked critical projects, driving many successful releases for the studio.

Under his strategic leadership, the publisher acquired veteran developers like Shinji Mikami, cultivating a healthy environment for studios like Tango Gameworks. Thanking the SVP for his contributions, the social media team said:

“We’re thankful for his 24 years of leadership.”

This tweet was followed by a message from Pete Hines, reflecting on his time in the gaming industry. He has made a difficult choice but hopes to begin a new chapter after retirement.

Hines joined Bethesda in 1999, where he was selected as the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications. He stayed in this position for 23 years until he got promoted to the Head of Global Publishing.

The executive was a key source of motivation for everyone at Bethesda during his time, recently confirming the team’s continued support for a poor release like Redfall.

We would like to join Bethesda in wishing the industry veteran the best of luck for his life post-retirement. Losing such a key figure is never easy for any company, but Bethesda has veteran developers like Todd Howard to steer it in the right direction after the latest announcement.

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