Dishonored 3 Revealed In Leaked Bethesda Roadmap From Xbox

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Bethesda Roadmap Leaked!

Dishonored 3 has been a highly-requested game from Arkane Studios. The developer has established the IP as a popular release in the stealth-action genre, becoming famous for its varied abilities and freedom in combat engagements.

Following the conclusion of the series with Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, there were no hopes of Dishonored returning anytime soon. However, this has changed recently, with a leaked Bethesda roadmap pointing to Dishonored 3.

Dishonored: Death of The Outisder

Why it matters: The Dishonored series offers impressive story-telling, atmospheric settings, and engaging gameplay that incorporates supernatural elements for a compelling stealth title.

A leaked document from the recent hearings between Microsoft and the FTC reveals several games planned by Bethesda Softworks.

The document includes the likes of Starfield, Redfall, and The Elder Scrolls 6, which have already been announced. Redfall and Starfield have also been released this year, but the roadmap provides insight into several new titles, including Dishonored 3

Since the list is a few years old, Dishonored 3 might be in development already, and fans could hear about it soon. It should also be noted that the list suggests Dishonored 3 is planned for 2024, but this appears to be unlikely.

Nonetheless, Dishonored 3 has the potential to be among the most anticipated titles on the list. The series has sold nearly 10 million units to date and offered a unique stealth-action approach.

It included memorable characters like Corvo and Emily, while its gameplay elements ensured players received an enjoyable experience through a unique blend of stealth and supernatural abilities like Blink and Shadow Kill.

Dishonored: Death of The Outisder

Apart from Dishonored 2, the roadmap also points to other Bethesda Softworks IPs. This includes games like Doom Year Zero and a sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Recently, Arkane Studios released Deathloop. While both games are fundamentally different, they exist in the same universe, and some of Dishonored’s DNA can be found in Deathloop.

Dishonored 3 has the potential to be the best title in the franchise. Following releases like Deathloop and the underwhelming Redfall, the studio has a breadth of experience in different genres and gameplay mechanics.

The culmination of everything learned from these games could ensure Dishonored 3 lives up to the iconic legacy of its predecessors.

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