Lies of P Tops 1 Million Sales In Less Than One Month

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Selling Well Despite Game Pass Release!

Lies of P is one of the most recent Souls-like games that has quickly become a sleeper hit. With an aesthetic similar to Bloodborne and a myriad of challenging encounters, the game delivers the perfect blend of exploration, combat, and difficulty.

A focus on the core elements of Souls-like gameplay led to a positive reception for Lies of P across the board. The game has also sold well, reaching 1 million sales worldwide.

Why it matters: These results are extremely impressive considering the fact that this Souls-like was released as a day-one Xbox Game Pass title.

While recent games like Lords of the Fallen have struggled to emulate the success of FromSoftware, Round8 Studios has managed to keep its rendition of the genre fresh and distinct from existing Souls-like offerings.

Despite a somewhat easier experience, Lies of P retains the core essence of the genre, motivating players to learn from each mistake and overcome the challenges presented by a threatening world.

Having released on Xbox Game Pass, it appears the developers have enjoyed the benefits of Microsoft’s deal without suffering from compromised sales. Compared to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, another Soul-like with a day-one Xbox Game Pass release, Lies of P pulls ahead.

While the former came from a renowned studio like Team Ninja, it needed nearly two months to reach a similar milestone. Therefore, it would be fair to say that Pinocchio’s adventure makes for the most successful Souls-like of the year.

Lies of P

We believe the game deserves all the praise and sales it has received recently. While FromSoftware refuses to deliver a Bloodborne sequel, Lies of P has satisfied our urge for a similar game, even if it comes from a different studio.

While this is an exciting time for Souls-like fans, Pinocchio’s journey is just getting started. Recent job listings from Neowiz have confirmed DLC plans for Lies of P, pointing to more content for the game in the future.

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