Alan Wake 2 Campaign Will Last Over 20 Hours

20 Hours Of Horror Gameplay!

The sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake is finally set to release this year after just over a decade. The excitement for the game is unmatched, as Remedy’s new title shows promising gameplay and a stunning atmosphere.

In a new Q&A Session, Remedy’s Communication Director, Thomas Puha, revealed that they are planning a 20+ hour campaign for Alan Wake 2.

Why It Matters: The first entry in the series provided a campaign that was 11 hours long, but Alan Wake 2 aims to deliver double that amount.

Alan Wake 2

He stated:

“It depends on your skills, but currently (and the game is not quite done yet because a lot of the content is still going in), we’re looking at over 20 hours.”

This should mean that fans will get plenty of value for the cost of the game. While Alan Wake 2 costs $60, like any other AAA title, it comes at a discounted price on PC. The $50 price tag on PC should lead to even better value.

The interview also elaborated on potential crossovers. When asked about the inclusion of characters from Control, the Communications Director subtly hinted that Alan Wake 2 is a significant part of the Remedy universe, implying numerous connections between the two.

This implies fans can expect a crossover between both games. Alan Wake 2 will also introduce a new protagonist, Saga Anderson. When asked about character switching, Thomas Puha replied that both characters would have their independent stories, which can be played in any order.

However, he mentioned that players would be forced to play in a certain way at the end of the game.

Alan Wake is scheduled to release on October 17, and the developers at Remedy have claimed that the game will be the most visually impressive title of 2023. Additionally, Remedy has stated that the game is designed to be accessible to new players, allowing them to enjoy it without having played the first title.

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