Final Fantasy 16 Fails To Hold Consistent 60FPS In Demo

FPS Can Even Drop Below 40 In Set Pieces!

Final Fantasy 16 is approaching its release date, and it has caused quite a buzz in the gaming industry. With staff from the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 14 leading development, fans are excited about the new game.

The much-anticipated demo has now been released, giving fans a small glimpse of Final Fantasy 16. It covers the first two hours of the game, and the demo has received positive reception.

However, Final Fantasy 16 cannot hold 60FPS consistently in the demo.

Why it matters: The latest Final Fantasy game is set to showcase the power of PS5. It has been developed and optimized for the console, but some fans may find the performance disappointing.

YouTube video

The Youtube video shows the game dropping to as low as 40FPS in performance mode.

Final Fantasy 16 runs around 50FPS during exploration in most areas, with certain sections forcing the game to drop below this frame rate. Additionally, the video shows that large set pieces can be very difficult to handle for the game. The boss battle shown at the six-minute mark can force the game to drop below 40FPS.

Producer Naoki Yoshida previously confirmed that the performance mode would target 60 FPS at an upscaled 1440p in both combat and exploration. He also clarified that the frame rates would not always be at the 60FPS target during exploration and traversal segments.

However, the combat of Final Fantasy 16 is better optimized. This can also be observed in the video, with the game performing much better in combat scenarios.

Fans on Twitter have pointed out that the game is running on an older build, so performance could be improved for the final build. However, a day-one patch is not planned for Final Fantasy. 

Still, the developers can address performance in the future, depending on the severity of the issues.

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