Final Fantasy 16 Will Be A Rare Launch Without Day One Patch

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Final Fantasy 16 is now less than a whole month away, and the game has recently seen a massive wave of coverage from the media. This includes impressions from the first few hours of the title and new interviews.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Director Hiroshi Takai revealed something that might make the game stand out from other AAA releases this year. According to the Director, the game will have no day-one patch.

Why it matters: Recent games have shown a trend of releasing without much polish and providing fixes through patches after launch. A day-one patch has also become a standard across the industry.

Final Fantasy 16

The developers have considered internet limitations and believe that the big JRPG should be ready to go at launch for players who do not have the best internet.

Over a month ago, the studio announced that Final Fantasy 16 had gone gold, making it ready for physical discs. This showed that the team was confident in their work and had completed the game well before its release date.

According to the latest interview, Final Fantasy 16 is still being tested for bugs and glitches. As such, it is possible that a patch may be needed if big issues are discovered, but no such plans are in place at the moment.

A demo is also coming soon, which should give fans a small glimpse at the polish and quality they can expect with the latest Final Fantasy release.

Final Fantasy 16 is built for the PS5, targeting just one console at release. The developer also received help from PlayStation, which may have contributed to this level of polish and quality anticipated for the full release.

The game was previously the best-selling title on Amazon in April, and the hype for the franchise appears to be at an all-time high compared to recent years. How many recent games can you recall that did not require a day one patch? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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