Final Fantasy 16 Previews Are Excellent Ahead Of Release

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Final Fantasy 16 promises to take the JRPG franchise in a new, action-focused direction. With key figures from Devil May Cry, and the Director from the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 14 MMO leading development, the anticipation behind the project continues to rise.

Just a month before release, the media received another taste of the game. Various media outlets have played the first four hours of Final Fantasy 16, and the game looks better than ever ahead of launch.

Why it matters: Final Fantasy 16 is coming after a somewhat disappointing mainline entry in the franchise. The previous game suffered from troubled development, but the JPRG franchise is now set to make a huge comeback.

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All of the impressions have been extremely positive, with some outlets even claiming that Final Fantasy 16 has the potential to be the best of the franchise.

The combat is one of the best parts of the experience in Final Fantasy 16. Outlets have compared the game to Devil May Cry, which is no small feat. This should mean that fans will enjoy the most basic of encounters.

Boss fights are another highlight of the JRPG. Final Fantasy 16 features gigantic, towering enemies known as Eikons. A few of these have already been shown in previous trailers, but the final game has even more to offer.

The story tackles themes like conquest, betrayal, and death throughout its narrative. While it is difficult to judge the narrative in just a few hours, the early hours show clear inspiration from exceptional pieces of media like Game of Thrones.

These themes were also highlighted when the game became the first of the franchise to earn a Mature rating from the ESRB.

Last month, the developer announced the title had gone gold and would not be delayed any further. Therefore, fans have been expecting a highly polished release from the studio.

A demo is also expected to be made available just before release. This demo will start at the beginning of the game, and an announcement is expected at the PlayStation Showcase on May 24.

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