Titanfall 3 Was Developed For 10 Months Before Being Canceled

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Scrapped After 10 Months To Make Apex Legends!

The Titanfall franchise is nearly a decade old, as the first game was released in 2014, and Titanfall 2 came out two years later, in 2016. While both games were well received by fans, the IP has seemingly been abandoned.

The Respawn Entertainment CEO recently said he would love to see another Titanfall game. While this gave fans hope for the future, it did not clarify much about Titanfall 3.

However, a recent developer interview has revealed that Titanfall 3 was already in development for 10 months before getting canceled.

Why it matters:  Titanfall has a unique appeal compared to other FPS games. It combined an engaging movement system with powerful mechs to deliver fast-paced and explosive fps gameplay.

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In a recent interview with THE BURNETTWORK,  former Titanfall Game Designer Muhammad Alavi talked about the much-awaited Titanfall 3. He said:

“We worked on Titanfall 3 for ten months.”

He further stated that Respawn Entertainment already had a playable build, but it did not satisfy the developers. The build was gradually better than the last game, but nothing was revolutionary like Titanfall 2.

The Titanfall 3 team was not happy with the state of the game. Furthermore, various developers were still busy with Titanfall 2 multiplayer, leading to a difficult situation for the next game in the franchise.

The development then shifted focus when PUBG was released. Muhammad Alavi mentioned that PUBG came with a battle royale mode, and everyone started playing it. He said:

“PUBG came out, and I don’t know if you remember Geoff started playing PUBG. Then they made a battle royale map with Titanfall 3 classes.”

Muhammad Alavi stated that after the great reception of the battle royale map from staff members, he and his team pivoted to develop Apex Legends.

The battle royale genre allowed Respawn Entertainment to try something completely new instead of making another sequel for the same franchise. Developers at the studio were also engaged in the concept, making it the obvious choice for the studio.

Several years later, Apex Lengeds is still a massive game. The game has a consistent player base, and Respawn Entertainment still supports it with new content. However, Titanfall fans are still hopeful that the developer will revisit the iconic IP for Titalfall 3.

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