Respawn Entertainment Founder Would Love To See Titanfall 3

Some Hope For Titanfall Fans!

Titanfall 2 was released in 2016, and it was loved by players worldwide. It became an instant success but was overshadowed by games like Battlefield 1. The franchise began over 9 years ago with Titanfall. However, Respawn Entertainment has not revisited the sci-fi FPS since its latest entry in 2016.

Fans of this franchise have been waiting for news regarding another sequel, but there has not been much information. In 2021 the developers provided an update on the series, but it was not the information that fans had wanted.

However, a recent statement has once again sparked discussion about Titanfall 3. In a recent interview with Barrons, Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella talked about the Titanfall Franchise. He stated:

“We’re not working on anything currently. I hate to say yes, then people latch onto that, But I would love to see it happen is the real answer.”

“There’s no exact dedicated plans for that. It has to be the right thing.”

Titanfall Released 9 Years Ago

Titanfall was an essential part of Respawn Entertainment’s identity back in 2014. The newly created studio quickly became famous thanks to the game’s success, and it looks like the CEO is still interested in reviving the franchise at some point.

Titanfall delivered a unique blend of fast-paced FPS combat with a focus on movement that was fresh for the genre when it was first released in 2014. Following its release, FPS franchises like Call of Duty also took a sci-fi approach.

Even today, Titanfall 2 remains active with a dedicated community that has mastered the nuanced movement mechanics. Because of its unique gameplay mechanics, fans have not been able to find another game to replace the series.

But the information will not make much difference for the fans, as the game is still not in development. However, the answer from Vince means that the developer is clearly interested in Titanfall 3, and the demand for the franchise means that a third game is not off the table.

Respawn Entertainment has recently been busy with several other projects, such as the Star Wars Jedi games and Apex Legends. The developer’s latest title, Stars Wars Jedi: Survivor, is releasing tomorrow, and the reviews for the game are mostly positive.

Given the number of projects Respawn is currently handling, it is hard to believe they will be working on Titanfall 3 anytime soon. However, it is clear that a sequel can happen, even if it might take a long time.

Did you enjoy the sci-fi FPS franchise? Do you want to see Titanfall 3? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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Obaid Ur Rehman
Obaid Ur Rehman
Obaid is pursuing a Law degree, while working as a content writer. He has worked as a gaming writer for over a year because of his passion for the medium and reporting the latest updates in the industry. Having played hundreds of games, Obaid finds himself coming back to Elden Ring and Red Dead Redemption 2, with these games being among his favorites. He has also been mentioned on highly regarded websites, such as Wccftech, Metro UK, PS Lifestyle, GamePressure, VGC, and Gamespot.

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