Titanfall Was Released On This Day 9 Years Ago

Nearly A Decade Old!

Respawn Entertainment was initially formed after several Infinity Ward developers left the studio over disputes with Activision. These developers brought a lot of talent that revolutionized FPS gaming with the earlier Call of Duty titles, and Respawn Entertainment channeled this talent for their new IP.

The developer’s first release came in the form of Titanfall. A brand new futuristic FPS focusing on mechs and fast-paced movement. Titanfall was released nine years ago on this day, and the series has become a fan-favorite since then.

Titanfall Released 9 Years AgoTitanfall brought several new ideas that were considered a massive departure from traditional FPS games in 2014.

The game’s movement was critical to the entire experience. Titanfall featured fast-paced traversal and wall-running, which meant that players had a lot of freedom when engaging in combat.

This also led to a high skill ceiling for those willing to invest time into learning the movement. However, movement mechanics were just a part of what made Titanfall so appealing to gamers worldwide. 

The game introduced giant mechs called Titans that the players could control. Titans were a huge part of the multiplayer experience and added a new dynamic to the standard FPS gameplay.

Respawn Entertainment included multiple playable Titans, leading to varied playstyles. The developer nailed the feeling of weight and power when controlling a Titan and also implemented several options for regular players to deal with enemies controlling Titans. 

Despite its excellent ideas, Titanfall was not perfect. For starters, the game lacked a proper single-player story. Instead, Respawn merged the story into the multiplayer mode, but this did not work as well as the developer had hoped. 

The title also fell short in terms of content. A small number of game modes at launch meant that it ended up disappointing players looking for a huge amount of content. Much of this was rectified in the sequel, but the first game did an excellent job laying a solid foundation.

Interestingly, Titanfall inspired Call of Duty to move into a futuristic setting. Following its release, Call of Duty released three games with a similar setting and movement options like boost jumping.

Titanfall also spawned a spin-off battle royale game that took the world by storm in 2019. Apex Legends is currently Respawn Entertainment’s most successful game, with the game sharing weapons from Titanfall and being set in the same universe.

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