The Ridiculous Last of Us Ripoff Has Been Pulled From Nintendo Switch

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There Can Only Be One Last of Us!

Last month, a game based on The Last of Us popped up on the Nintendo eShop. While Naughty Dog’s franchise has inspired many games, The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival was a blatant rip-off.

Even beyond the game’s concept, the characters were similar to Naughty Dog’s two main characters, with the girl looking like an obvious downgraded version of Ellie from the first game.

The game caught a lot of attention for copying The Last of Us, and this led to media coverage from popular Youtube channels like Digital Foundry. However, the game was recently removed from the Nintendo eShop.

The Last Hope

According to various reports, the game can no longer be found on the Nintendo storefront.

The Nintendo eShop shows a 404 error on the game’s store page, and searching for The Last Hope points users to other games. While the exact reason has not been officially confirmed, Sony appears to be involved.

The game’s trailer on Youtube has received a copyright strike from Sony, hinting that the game giant was not fond of the blatant copy of one of its most iconic gaming franchises.

It should be noted users who have already purchased the game can still play it through their libraries. Still, given the quality of the game, it might be best to avoid it altogether.

Following Digital Foundry’s coverage, the channel compared the title to a scam, claiming that there is no game in The Last Hope. In addition to Digital Foundry, other Youtube channels called out the game for its lack of substance.

Nonetheless, the similarities between The Last Hope and The Last of Us were undeniable. Even if the game offered a quality experience, Sony would not have been happy about the developer using Naughty Dog’s IP.

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