The Day Before Dev Confirms Closure 4 Days After Failed Release

"We Lack Funds To Continue"

Story Highlights
  • Just four days after the release of The Day Before, Fntastic announced its shutdown.
  • It was the developer’s most ambitious project, and they invested all their resources in the game.
  • Following the game’s failure, the developers claim to have no other option left.

The Day Before was first shown two years ago, in 2021, and while the game was planned to be released in 2022, it got delayed multiple times.

Even before the release, this title faced criticism for copying other games after fans spotted familiarities with trailers of titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

This build-up culminated in The Day Before being bombarded with negative reviews on Steam for misrepresentation and server issues at release. Following the poor launch, studio Fntastic announced its shutdown on Twitter.

Why it matters: This response from developer Fntastic has only served to make gamers more suspicious about the team’s practices, with many being further encouraged to call the studio out for the supposed scam.

Out of the blue, Fntastic has just come forward with a message on Twitter. While explaining the decision, the official statement read:

“The Day Before has failed financially, and we lack the funds to continue.”

“All income received is being used to pay off debts to our partners.”

The official statement explained Fntastic’s intentions to support the game as a GAAS title. Unlike crowdfunded releases, The Day Before did not receive money from the public, with the development costs being handled by the studio.

This situation has meant that the team has backed itself into a corner, lacking the necessary funds to carry out its plans. However, this leaves the question of refunds unanswered.

Following the message, studio Fntastic’s discord is being spammed with the word ‘Scam.’ This was a popular term for The Day Before after launch, with many calling it a fraudulent release due to the false marketing and unfulfilled promises.

We believe this is the obvious step to take for Fntastic. However difficult it may be, the studio should consider returning the money of players who were kind enough to support their incomplete game.

The Day Before

While 2023 has been the year of amazing games, The Day Before has joined the list of the year’s worst releases. It lost nearly 90% of players just three days after launch, dropping to just 4K concurrent Steam users from 38K in two days.

It seems the studio has deduced the game’s terrible state will require so long to be fixed that it won’t be worth the time and financial investment.

The developer was initially founded in 2015. Following eight years of operations, the studio put out multiple games. Unfortunately, its legacy has been tainted by The Day Before, with many likely to remember this team for its broken promises and misleading marketing.

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