The Day Before Loses 85% of Its Players Amid Terrible Launch

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Thousands Left The Game 2 Days After Launch!

Story Highlights
  • The Day Before launched to nearly 40K concurrent players on Steam.
  • Most of these players have been let down by the state of the game.
  • Only 30% of the players from the launch are still playing the MMO just two days after its release.

The Day Before promised many things before launch. Features like a seamless open-world MMO, an exciting gameplay loop, and more were advertised for the game, but it seems the reality has been much different.

Before release, many were sceptical about developer Fntastic after it was accused of plagiarism in trailers. The game also skipped AMD hardware in the system requirements, showing signs of oversights and rushed development.

Following a troubled day-one reception with negative reviews, The Day Before is bleeding thousands of players. The game’s peak concurrent count is less than 5K players.

Why it matters: The goal of a multiplayer game is to retain as many players as possible. With the launch week typically being the most active period of a game, this is a worrying sign for this MMO.

The Day Before Steam Player Count
The Day Before Steam Player Count

According to SteamDB, the game peaked at a mere 12.5K concurrent player count today. This is down from 38K players at release, indicating that the poor launch has already driven players away from this MMO.

The current player count means that only 30% of the day-one audience has stayed to play The Day Before after trying the game. This should not be surprising since the game is among Steam’s lowest-rated titles after a wave of negative reviews.

The Day Before appears to be a shell of everything promised before launch. In addition to poor servers, Steam users claim that the game lacks a compelling open world, runs poorly on various PCs, and shows numerous bugs.

We would imagine these issues likely mean that most of the launch players have refunded the game, with some dubbing it a complete scam.

The Day Before

At this rate, The Day Before may continue losing players over the coming week.

The developers may not be able to save the game with a quick patch either since it seems broken at the core. Therefore, seeing it completely abandoned much faster than expected would not be shocking.

The coming days will decide the future of The Day Before. Judging by the current situation, this game is shaping to be another failure of early access, never seeing the light of day due to broken promises and an overambitious project.

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