Elden Ring: FromSoftware Still Not Sure Why It Became Massive Hit

FromSoft Remains Focused On Value In Games!

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  • Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most popular and successful title.
  • The studio claims to have no idea how it became such a massive hit. 
  • However, the developers confirmed they would continue to create games that are fun and have value.

Elden Ring is undoubtedly the most successful title of FromSoftware. Last year, the game dominated the industry, selling over 20 million copies and winning several awards, including the most prestigious Game of the Year title.

While Elden Ring was not FromSoftware’s first major title, its influence eclipsed the likes of Bloodborne or Dark Souls. During a recent interview, the Elden Ring producer addressed this game, claiming to have no idea how it became so massive.

Why it matters: Elden Ring has encouraged the entire industry to change its approach to open-world game design, showcasing this developer’s influence worldwide.

Elden Ring

The producer of Elden Ring, Yasuhiro Kitao, recently appeared at the PlayStation Partner Awards 2023 in Japan, providing a deeper look into the studio and its game development strategy.

When the producer was asked about the success of Elden Ring, Yasuhiro Kitao stated that the success was a surprise for everyone. He explained that the team is still not sure why this game, in particular, became so big.

However, the producer confirmed that FromSoftware hasn’t changed its approach and will continue to develop games that offer value. Yashuri Kitao said:

“I don’t think our mindset will change in the future.”

This mindset refers to an approach that prioritizes fun and value in games above everything else. Therefore, FromSoftware will not aim to make games that can replicate the success of Elden Ring, instead choosing to focus on its old approach.

This is already evidenced by the fact that the team revisited Armored Core recently, which has become a hit but does not hold a candle to Elden Ring. We find this quite encouraging and believe it will bring more success to the team in the future.

Elden Ring

While studios are often quick to chase trends in pursuit of success, FromSoftware is more interested in organic growth. The developer will focus on its core strengths, letting the players decide if a game is worth their time.

FromSoftware is currently working on Shadow of the Erdtree. This Elden Ring expansion was expected to be announced at The Game Awards after a leak claimed it would arrive in February 2024. However, it was nowhere to be seen.

In the future, the Japanese developer will continue experimenting with new IPs, concepts, and gameplay styles, highlighting its biggest strengths without caring much for mainstream success or popularity.

Elden Ring will also be a major part of FromSoftware’s plans, with the team hoping to support it in the long term.

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