Armored Core 6 Is Worldwide Hit, Says Bandai Namco

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Nearly 1 Million Sales In Japan!

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  • Armored Core 6 was released nearly three months ago.
  • The franchise has returned after more than a decade.
  • Bandai Namco has yet to provide sales figures but confirms the game was a hit.

Armored Core 6 is the latest offering from FromSoftware, which was released nearly three months ago. While the franchise returned after over a decade, it received a warm reception from millions of FromSoftware fans.

The game reached over 156K concurrent players soon after its launch on Steam, and while 2023 has been one of the most competitive years for gaming, Armored Core 6 has managed to stand out.

A recent financial report also confirms that the game was a commercial success for Bandai Namco.

Why it matters: This franchise had not found mainstream success like other FromSoftware IPs until recently. Therefore, this is a nice first attempt at Armored Core’s comeback.

Armored Core 6 Sales
Source: Recent Financial Report

In addition to updates about its recent lineup, Bandai Namco confirmed that Armored Core 6 was a worldwide hit.

Previously, it was reported that the game had sold nearly three million copies within two months of its launch. However, Bandai Namco has not confirmed the exact number of sales.

Despite exact figures, we know that the game sold as many as 700K units in Japan alone. Given their reverence for mech-themed anime and games, the Japanese audience appears to have found much to like about FromSoftware’s latest title.

Other accolades for Armored Core 6 include its position as the best-selling release of the series. It is also the highest-rated entry in the IP, with a Metacritic score of 87/100.

Armored Core 6

We find this success appropriate for such an excellent game. Following these results, FromSoftware may pursue more Armored Core games to satisfy millions of fans who still enjoy such titles.

The future may hold great things for Armored Core 6, but this remains to be seen. For now, the developers are busy working on an expansion for Elden Ring, which may be revealed during The Game Awards on 7 December.

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